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a. Islamic Dress Up(WOMEN)

dress up
This is Islamic Lifestyle about women dress up

For years the issue of women wearing  head scarves popularly known as hijab has been a cause for debate over the years. With people for or against the motive for Muslim women to adhere strictly to this form of dressing.

The Quran instructs women to be modest in dressing and not show private parts such as the hair in public, hence the need to wear the hijab arises. There are several other reasons given bordering from understandable to the totally ridiculous ones.

There are several myths surrounding the reasons why Muslim women are supposed to cover their hair and Marwa Abdelghaniwriting for religious blog, On Faith, explains three biggest myths that need to be debunked

  1. “I wear hijab so I can hide my beauty and save it for my husband.”: First of all, who said all women are going to get married in the first place? Second, what beauty are you hiding exactly? The last time I looked at you, you had pretty clothes on and some make up as well. Your hair is not the only part of your “beauty.” Third, you are turning yourself into a sex object by making yourself a trophy wife.

  2. “I wear hijab for modesty.”: Yes, it is true that Muslim women cover their hair, as well as the rest of their bodies, excluding the face, hands, and feet. However, the term modesty is always used in the context of flesh. Let’s start using it in the context of our character.

  3. “I don’t wear hijab.”: We all wear hijab. The hijab is not something you physically wear; it is something you practice. There are many women who cover their hair, believing this to be a necessary part of their mandate as a Muslim woman, completely disregarding the more pressing need in society today: hijab. The hijab is the moral character of a human being. Hijab is a belief in spreading beauty and love through simple actions that we think are insignificant, but are actually the epitome of the perfect prophetic character, which God has bestowed upon us in our pure human nature. To practice hijab is to love human beings and treat them the way we wish to be treated. Hijab is controlling our desires and lowering our gazes from what may cause us to sin. Hijab is telling ourselves that we are in control — and our worldly desires are not.